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Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Dark circles under or around the eyes can be caused by many different factors. Most people inherit the tendency for dark circles.

Dark circles under the eyes can indicate food allergies, an iron deficiency, or according to Chinese Medicine may be a sign of weak kidneys. Find out which foods you are intolerant to and rotate your foods by not eating the same few favorites day in and day out. The most common foods that cause intolerances include dairy products, wheat, gluten, sugar and eggs. Foods that help kidney function include fish, legumes, barley, walnuts, onions, garlic, fennel, parsley and beetroot.

Other causes of dark circles under the eyes include thinning of the skin due to aging, allergies, the lack of nutrients in the diet, an overdose of vitamin A that causes liver problems, and most commonly a lack of sleep or excessive tiredness.

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