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Dental Care: Plaque Control and
Oral Hygiene

Dental Care

Dental plaque is a soft deposit around the teeth caused by bacteria in the mouth which can and should be constantly removed as it forms. Some of it is removed naturally. At one time when diets were more natural, a good deal was removed by the action of tough and fibrous foods. Wild animals and native tribes use this method, but modern man and domesticated animals need some assistance.

Good oral hygiene helps to keep plaque down, which includes:

  • Regular brushing of teeth at least twice a day to clear plaque and debris. A fluoride toothpaste is recommended.
  • Daily flossing to remove plaque from between teeth.
  • Regular rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash.

Since plaque is difficult to see a special dye in the form of a disclosing tablet can be used to stain the plaque making it easier to see. These tablets are available in most chemists.

If plaque is left to accumulate, it causes irritation to the gums and bone. In many cases it is converted by other bacteria into a hard deposit called tartar or calculus, which no amount of brushing will remove, and must be scaled off with a sharp instrument by a dental hygienist or dentist. Gums that are irritated by plaque or calculus become inflamed and suffer from gingivostomatitis.


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