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Modern Detoxification and the Liver

In Greek mythology, Prometheus was punished by the gods for revealing fire to humans. The gods chained him to a rock where a vulture would peck out his liver daily; his liver would then regenerate overnight. Curiously, the liver is among the few internal human organs capable of natural regeneration of lost tissue. As little as 25% of remaining liver can regenerate into a whole liver again. This characteristic may have already been known to the Greeks after injuries that they sustained in battle.

The liver is the second largest organ (the largest organ being the skin) and the largest gland within the human body. The liver supports and works in conjunction with multiple other bodily systems to maintain balance at all times. The liver has been called the 'chemical factory' of the body, and is truly a remarkable organ. Every minute, almost 3 litres of blood passes through the liver to be 'cleaned'. When functioning normally, the liver clears 99% of bacteria and other toxins from our blood before it re-enters the bloodstream. The liver is also responsible for the production of many of the body's proteins, for the storage of blood sugar and the regulation of the metabolism.

While we do have to be aware and informed about toxins introduced into our body through the air, water, or food we eat, many more are generated within the body itself. These by-products of metabolism can severely impair the normal enzymatic detoxification pathways that break down specific chemicals. This can quickly lead to a situation of toxic 'traffic-jams', even in the healthiest of lifestyles. Most of us are aware of it when our livers are not functioning optimally feelings of sluggishness, bloating, nausea, fatigue and headaches consume us. So common are 'liverish' feelings amongst us that Arch Buchwald, American author and humorist, stated, 'A bad liver is to a Frenchman what a nervous breakdown is to an American. Everyone has had one and everyone wants to talk about it'.

To remain healthy in a toxic world we need to bring detoxification into our routines. Many patients think of detoxification as a way of flushing poisons out of the body, almost like flushing a car's radiator. In truth, the body has its own, very efficient detoxification system, which is always busy removing toxic residue. Supporting these organs of detoxification to maintain a persistent removal of waste products can improve general feelings of well being rapidly.

The Detox Kit provides a complete organ detoxification program to assist with the function of the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. The Detox Kit can be used safely in conjunction with other protocols to maintain health, lose weight, to initiate a treatment program in chronic illness or simply to revive and retune your body during times of stress.

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