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Dieting for Weight Loss: Six Tips for Success

Weight problems are some of the biggest issues facing many Americans today. Many struggle with weight issues and live a life of misery going on and off diets. A positive self image, while it should be internal, has really become a mirror of society's prejudices and perceptions. Overall weight loss should be for health and feeling good about one self, and with that focus in mind, choosing a healthy diet plan that is geared for a permanent lifestyle change is the best way to deal with weight loss.

6 Tips For Success

1. Choose a diet you can stick with. Most people have food preferences, and regular eating habits. When choosing a diet find one that matches those as close as possible. This will ensure probability for success as the risk of failure and cheating will be minimized. For example, some diets do not limit calories, but instead limit certain foods, while others count calories. These are two very different eating styles and make or break weight loss success.

2. Drink lots of water. Drinking water is essential no matter what diet you choose. Water makes you feel satisfied and often times thirst is perceived as hunger and drinking a full glass of water stop hunger from ruining the diet.

3. Exercise is important. Exercising can really increase the amount and quickness of weight loss. Aerobic activity increases the heart rate and greatly improves metabolism rates; this burns fat even while you sleep. Contrary to popular belief you do not need to work out boot camp style, you can take a power walk, ride a bike, or do some low impact aerobics with the many videos available, or even just dance to some music. As long as there is some movement, and the heart rate is increased exercise can help you reach your goals faster.

4. Avoid cheating triggers. If you live with others that still eat junk food ask them to keep it out of your sight, preferably out of the kitchen all together. If you are the cook of the family then choose a diet that is versatile enough for the whole family so that you do not wind up cooking foods you cannot eat.

5. Nothing works better to keep you motivated than to hang some fat clothes in plain sight and also to hang a new outfit in your target size. Seeing these on a daily basis will remind you of your goals and keep you focused.

6. Another good trick is to keep your most awful picture of yourself on the fridge. Photos have a special way of making look very realistic, even more than mirrors. This can be a great reminder of why you are dieting as well as a great motivator.

Losing weight and staying on a diet is really a matter of psychology, once you have had enough you will find the desire needed to change your life and your body.

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