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Dog and Puppy Training Tips

Dog training teaches your dog how to behave and identifies any minor problems your dog might need work on. A trained dog is a happy dog, as is the owner. Dog training is all about properly communicating with a dog, and while it takes around seven to eight weeks to train an older dog, young pups can be trained in as little as two to three weeks.

Dog behavioral problems can be resolved through effective training methods coupled with patience and understanding on the part of Dog Training the trainer. There is no need for physical discipline or strong language in order to adequately train your dog. There are many methods that make training a fun time for you and your dog. There are also trainings to make the dog useful for particular tasks such as guide dog for the blind, rescue dogs, hunting dogs and many more.

When training, make sure to choose a quiet and open place with not many distractions. Make the experience a pleasant one for you and your dog in order to make sure that your dog gains more confidence, stays happy and is well behaved. The tone and way of speech matters in dog training. For commands such as ‘heel’ and ‘come,’ use a happy and friendly tone. ‘Sit down,’ and ‘stay’ commands should be issued in a lower and firmer voice. Learn to appreciate the dog or puppy when it obeys the command by offering it some food or a toy. Take a little time playing after the training class. Try to develop a bond with your puppy or dog during the training. Avoid harsh punishment and maintain good endurance. By doing this, you not only develop a well-behaved dog, but also a faithful friend.

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