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Dressing Tips for a Boyish Figure

Just because you weren't blessed with naturally feminine hips, it doesn't mean you can't choose clothing that makes you look sexy and feminine.

If you want to create a more rounded physique and move away from the boxy, boyish figure, go for empire waist tops that are fitted at the top and flair out at the bottom. These will show off your sexy shoulders and hide your straight waistline by adding bulk to the torso.

Baby doll dresses and skirts and dresses with an A-line cut will look good on you and help you to move away from the straight, up and down look.

Baggy clothes are not a good look for any physique. Lookout for tops that tie into a wrap style or even a wrap dress, which again will accentuate your waistline but not sit tightly against it. If you really want to create an hourglass effect, try playing with different styles of corsets.

For evening wear, your best bet is to go for a ball gown style dress that has a corset on top and flared out skirt.

Author: Dimi Ingle
Copyright 2008: Remedium. This article may not be copied, in whole or in part, without the written consent of Remedium.

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