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Dressing Tips for Short Legs

Oh, if only you had a pair of perfectly proportioned pins like Heidi Klum or Cindy Crawford. Well, while we can't change the legs you were born with, we can help you to dress smarter and create the illusion of longer, leaner legs.

Before we get started on revealing all the stylist secrets to lengthening your legs, always remember to wear darker colors at the bottom and lighter colors on top. This little trick will help your legs appear longer and leaner as it takes the focus off the bottom half of your body.

The cut and style of your pants are very important when dealing with short legs. Wide-legged pants such as Palazzo pants work wonders on making legs look longer and leaner, especially when the waist is relatively higher than traditional hipsters. Wearing heels makes a huge difference, but try to ensure that your pants cover most of your shoe, and barely skim the floor.

As for short pants, avoid pants and skirts that cut your legs in half. Rather opt for a style that ends at the middle of the thigh as opposed to ending off where your ankles start. Always play around with the length of the skirt in front of the mirror and find a desirable length. Then take it to a tailor and get it shortened to exactly where you want it.

Wearing a jacket can make a huge difference. Try a short skirt with a longer jacket or a shorter jacket with a long skirt. Don't choose skirts and jackets in the same length or your legs will look short.

The type of shoe you wear makes a huge difference to the length of your legs. Avoid, avoid, avoid any thick and chunky platform style shoes, especially with skirts and dresses. Rather go for dainty shoes with a rounded toe for dresses, and look out for pointy stilettos to wear with your pants.

Avoid wearing flat shoes when wearing skirts or shorts, unless you're wearing flip-flops to the beach. Flat shoes worn when revealing your legs are a big no-no for short legs.

Author: Dimi Ingle
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