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Drink Milk for Longevity

A 65 year long study has suggested that drinking dairy products may lower your risk of stroke.

Tracking the lives and the dairy intake of 4,374 children between 1948 and 2005, the researchers found that 1,468 of them had died, and 378 of those deaths were caused by coronary heart disease and 121 were due to stroke. The scientists claimed to find no compelling evidence that high intake of dairy products was associated with an increase risk of coronary heart disease or stroke deaths.

Not only did the study suggest that dairy rich diets in childhood do not contribute to heart problems later, they found that higher childhood calcium intake was associated with lower stroke mortality.


Osteoporosis and Calcium, and the Debate on Dairy Products
Kids who ignore the age-old parental command to ‘drink your milk!’ may live to regret it. New findings show that women over 50 who drank less than a glass of milk a day as girls have significantly lower bone density and twice the risk of fractures compared with those who drank a glass or more a day. Read more…

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