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Elbows: Help for Rough, Chapped or Dry Elbows

ElbowIf you look at some womenís elbows you get the feeling that theyíve forgotten all about them. Maybe itís because they canít see their own elbows — but other people can.

Have you looked at your elbows recently? Are they rough and chapped? Or perhaps the skin is dry and powdery? Imagine what effect this has on your total look — nobody is going to notice your pretty summer dress because their eyes will be drawn to your scruffy elbows.

You can avoid such an embarrassment by caring for your elbows, applying hand cream each time you moisturize your hands. Make a habit of doing so: put a blob of hand cream in the palm of each hand and rub it into your elbows for a smooth, silky result.

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