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Eating Out while on a Diet: How to
Lose the Fat when Eating Out

Eating out can be great fun; it can also wreak havoc on your diet and healthy eating plan. Being exposed to delicious-looking food can turn into an instant temptation for even the most strong-willed person. But there is a way you can eat out, enjoy your food and still be a healthy eater.

Here's how:

  • If you're not hungry, don't order a starter. If you absolutely must eat, rather share the starter with your friend or partner.

  • Look out for grilled options as apposed to fried ones. Generally, these are healthier and if you don't see grilled on the menu, ask your waiter if the chef would prepare it for you grilled instead. You'll be surprised at how accommodating some restaurants can be.

  • Skip the fries and even the vegetables as these are usually covered in unhealthy sauces that are just as bad as that portion of golden chips. Rather check out the salad bar and make your own delicious side.

  • If your dish comes with sauce, ask the waiter to bring it on the side. That way you can have a little bit as opposed to your steak being covered in creamy mushroom sauce.

  • Stop eating when you are full. I know it tastes good, but if you've had enough listen to your body and don't overdo it.

  • Cut the soda and drink water instead. This will save a lot of unwanted calories.

  • Skip dessert. Once again, skipping dessert will save you adding calories, but if you absolutely must have, try sharing with your friend or partner instead of having a full portion all to yourself.

Who said you can't eat out when you're dieting or tying to
follow a healthy eating plan?

Author: Dimi Ingle.
Copyright: Remedium. This article may not be copied, in whole or in part, without the written consent of Remedium.

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