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Body Types: The Ectomorph

While a lot of women envy the "tall and skinny" model physique, men who are ectomorphs may find it difficult to gain size and strength.

The ectomorph body type is one that is classified as being relatively thin. Other characteristics that define an ectomorph include a fragile shape, lean physique, small shouldered, flat chested and a delicate body.


An ectomorph generally struggles to gain muscle and no matter how much they eat, never seem to gain any weight, despite the possibility of having a high and unhealthy body fat percentage.

Ectomorphs have small and delicate bones and may have a slight muscle definition. A typical ectomorph is long and lean and is usually straight up and straight down, also known as a ruler shape. This body shape is attractive on a girl, however, ectomorphic men may seem fragile and struggle to gain size and strength.

Although they battle to gain muscle mass, hard work and strict eating regimes can help this body type gain muscle and tone.

Typical traits of an ectomorph:

  • Small and delicate bone structure
  • Small shoulders
  • Flat chested
  • Fast metabolism
  • Thin
  • "Hard gainer"
  • Difficulty gaining weight

Author: Dimi Ingle.
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