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Elliptical Machines:
Low-Impact Exercise at Its Best

Elliptical machines are ideal for low-impact exercise that targets the whole body. Learn about the many benefits of using an elliptical machine and features you should look for when choosing one.

There is no doubt that in todayís world, most people need to exercise regularly to maintain their best health. However, for most people, time and convenience are the largest factors that prevent them from exercising regularly. After all, itís not easy to make it to the gym on a regular basis, and for that reason, home exercise equipment has become increasingly popular. With the enormous variety of home exercise machines on the market today, it can be somewhat overwhelming to decide which machine will benefit you the most. Elliptical machines are becoming increasingly popular as more people become aware of the many benefits these unique machines provide.

Elliptical machines revolutionized the world of gym equipment by introducing a motion of exercise that eliminated the harsh impact associated with traditional exercises. This machine duplicates the natural elliptical motion of walking and running with minimal impact. The design of elliptical machines allows the user to reach a high level of cardiovascular exercise without subjecting them to the joint and muscle pain often associated with high-impact exercises. On an elliptical machine, your feet and the machineís pedals are in constant contact, eliminating any amount of impact during your workout. For someone who suffers from any type of pain in the joints, knees, or back, even low-impact exercise machines such as the treadmill can aggravate their condition. Anyone who is concerned about the impact level of their exercise routine will benefit greatly from using an elliptical machine.

Although other machines have claimed to provide a workout with zero impact, the elliptical machine is the only one that can provide a thorough workout that targets a majority of the muscle groups in the body. Elliptical machines have the advantage of having the ability to be used in both a forward and backward motion, allowing the user to target completely different muscle groups easily during their workout. The elliptical machine also provides more resistance than machines like the treadmill.

Elliptical machines are available in many different price ranges with a variety of features. There are a few features that can be especially beneficial for someone using an elliptical machine. Many elliptical machines feature handrails that allow the user to include upper-body exercise in their workout, giving the user an even more complete workout in a single session. It is useful to have an elliptical machine that allows you to adjust the incline and resistance levels, allowing you to increase your exercise level over time and target more muscle groups during your workout. Many models also sport features that allow you to measure how much time and distance youíve covered during your workout, and even how many calories youíve burned.

Before purchasing an elliptical machine, it is always best to test a few models for yourself. While using an elliptical machine, your movement should feel natural and comfortable. Make sure the model you decide upon has controls that are simple to understand and easy to adjust during your workout. Once you have purchased an elliptical machine, you know you are on your way to better health through the beneficial, low-impact exercise this machine provides.

Article by Elizabeth Walling.

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