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Evening Wardrobe: How to Dress for Evening

If you go to evening parties and events on a frequent basis, it's important to have a classic wardrobe of evening clothes you can count on to carry you through when you don't have time to shop for a new outfit. Building a reliable evening wardrobe doesn't have to be expensive, but the clothing you select should be of high quality. By building a basic evening wardrobe, you'll always be prepared for any special occasion that should arise. Here's how to choose a basic wardrobe to dress for evening:

A cocktail dress

Choose your basic cocktail dress in a neutral shade or black, which will give you the most versatility. Plus, you can dress a basic cocktail dress up with incredible jewelry, scarves, shoes, handbag, or other accessories to give a completely new look every time you wear it. The most flattering length for a cocktail dress is right at the knee or just above it. If you choose a basic, well-made cocktail dress in a neutral shade and enhance it with unique accessories, no one will ever know you're wearing the same dress to every event.

A long skirt

A long skirt in a basic color such as brown or black will carry you through many important evening functions. Choose a skirt that hits right at or just above the ankle in a high quality fabric. You can pair your long skirt with a lacy bodysuit, a beautiful silk jacket, and satin pumps for a chic look thatís appropriate for almost any evening function.

A floor length gown

For fancier, black-tie affairs, you'll want to invest in a floor length gown. Choose a simple gown without added embellishments that you can enhance with dazzling accessories. Avoid beading, ruffles, or added details that will limit the number of times you can wear the dress without it being recognized. A basic evening gown with clean, simple lines will always get rave reviews if accessorized appropriately.

An evening suit

A well-cut, tailored suit in an evening fabric will carry you to almost any evening function in style. You can pair your suit with your lacy bodysuit or wear a pretty silk tank underneath. Add a pair of satin heels in a matching color and you have the perfect look for a work related party or professional evening function.

An evening shawl

A shawl in a soft fabric such as satin or silk can be used to accessorize an evening suit or long skirt. Drape it stylishly over your outfit for a chic, dramatic look. A beautifully made shawl always looks classy.

Suede or satin pumps

Choose a pair of basic satin or suede pumps in a color that coordinates with your other evening attire. A higher heel and an open toe will make your shoes look more polished for evening.

A basic evening bag

Many people choose a gold or silver toned bag, but it's more versatile to opt for a neutral shade or black in a soft, high quality fabric. Plus, a bag in a basic color is less likely to clash with your jewelry than a metallic shade of evening handbag.

By building a basic evening wardrobe, you can avoid the stress of last minute shopping to find something to wear to an important function. Plus, you'll always look chic and fashionable with a few simple, but well-made pieces.

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