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Exercising Smart for Your Age: Baby
Boomers Getting It Right

More and more adults between the ages of 45-64 are working out in the gym and enjoying the many health benefits that physical fitness offers. While exercise is great for any age group, these “baby boomers” often forget that while they may feel like an energized teen, their bodies are not quite as supple or strong as they might like to think.

In 2008 over 166,000 people who were in this age bracket suffered with injuries relating to exercise equipment. For this reason the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) stresses the importance of preventing exercise-related injuries, by exercising smart for your age.

“One thing to keep in mind is that when you are 50, you may injure your body more easily than when you were 20,” says Ray Monto, MD and spokesperson for the AAOS.

“Joints, tissues and muscles may not be as flexible as they used to be. So as boomers age, they should take extra steps to protect themselves from injuries when exercising,” says Monto.

Checking with your doctor before starting a routine, remembering to warm up cold muscles, avoiding the tendency to overdo it all in one go and being open to instructor lessons can all contribute to exercising smart.

Supplementing with vitamin D and calcium daily, aiming for a balanced fitness routine, listening to your body and ensuring sufficient rest days between exercise days, will help keep you fit, healthy and away from the surgeon’s rooms.

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