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Facial Scrubs Exfoliate the Skin

Acne Treatment

Facial scrubs exfoliate the skin, meaning they clear excessive oiliness, refine, and unplug pores, improve circulation, and generally nourish the skin. They leave the skin looking fresh and rosy.

Amongst a wide array of facial scrubs that flood the market, the best and the safest option is to go for herbal or natural facial scrubs which have fruit seeds instead of synthetic exfoliating beads. The latter may contain harsh chemicals, which can cause damage to the skin.

The frequency with which you use scrubs and masks depends entirely on your skin type. If you have oily, blemished skin, you will be able to use these preparations once or twice a week but if your skin is firm and dry, choose only the most gentle treatment, and use it maybe once every two weeks.

Scrubs should never be used where there are thread veins, as they would stimulate the area, and possibly aggravate the condition warns Nerys Purchon in her book The Essential Natural Health Bible.

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