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False Lashes: How to Apply
False Eye Lashes

Nothing says diva quite like a pair of caterpillars on your eyes. Learn to dazzle them all with flawless false lashes.

Whether or not you have long lashes, you can apply false lashes to your natural lash for a more dramatic look. False lashes get you noticed and nobody can resist a pair of blinking beauties, so if you want to go all out when you hit the town next time, here’s how:

First and foremost, it is important to learn how to correctly apply false lashes. At first, getting them on may seem a bit tricky, but with enough practice and this helpful guide, you will be a blinking babe in no time.

The best false lashes to use are the individual lashes. These are simply applied to your natural lash, giving it a bit of subtle volume. Applying these lashes to the outer corners of your eyes will also help brighten up and open up your eyes.

When you apply the lash, take a toothpick to apply a small drop of glue to the false lash. Then, using your one hand, gently pull the one corner of your eye, straightening it out, while you apply the lash with your free hand. Press it down firmly and hold for a few seconds. Once you have completed the one eye, move on to the next.

Never, ever apply the glue directly to your eyelid, as this will cause a messy, clumpy effect.

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