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Famous People Fun Facts

The following is a compilation of fun, interesting, and possibly educating facts about famous people of today and long ago:

* Alexander the Great loved his horse so much that he even named a city after it: Bucephalus.

* The popular band OutKast was sued by civil rights activist Rosa Parks for using her name in one of their songs. They won the case.

* Bill Gates wrote his first computer program at the age of thirteen.

Bill Gates

* Among all his accomplishments, scientist and renowned genius Albert Einstein also played the violin.

*Another smart individual, Queen Elizabeth I, knew seven languages.

* Although Queen Elizabeth IIís birthday is April 21st, she celebrates it officially on June 11th.

* Cleopatra became queen of Egypt in 51 B.C.

* Apparently, General George Custer was not an apt student; he graduated last in his West Point class.

* Oprah Winfrey is one of three females to own her own film studio. Lucille Ball and Mary Pickford are the other two.

* Lucille Ballís repertoire includes over sixty films.

* Charlemagne refused to allow his daughters to marry. He did allow them to have illegitimate children.

* At the time of her marriage, Marie Antoinette, infamous Queen of France, could not speak French.

* The name of the Goth barbarian credited with the destruction of Rome: Alaric.

* E.T.ís voice was provided by actress Debra Winger.

* Impressionist painter Claude Monet unsuccessfully attempted suicide in 1868.

* Sally Ride was the first American woman to make the trip into space.

* John F. Kennedy was the first Roman Catholic to be a United States President.

* Although Fidel Castro speaks fluent English, he will not utter any in public.

* Robert E. Lee married the great granddaughter of George Washington, Mary Custis.

* Benjamin Franklin established the first U.S. lending library in 1731.

* Duke Ellington was born in Washington D.C. in 1899.

* Candice Bergenís father was a famous ventriloquist.

* Winona Ryderís godfather was Timothy Leary.

* As girl scout, Hilary Clinton reportedly earned every badge.

* During the Great Depression, Sam Walton (of Wal-Mart fame) helped his family by milking cows and delivering newspapers.

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