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Fashion Accessories

Accessories have become the next big fashion thing, and today, you can find stores that specialise only in accessories.

A little "bling" goes a long way when it comes to putting an outfit together. With simple things such as belts, shoes, earrings, necklaces, bags, hair bands, scarves, and even sunglasses, you can complete an otherwise plain and simple outfit.

Putting it all together

Start with a basic outfit, something that's plain and doesn't have too many distracting patterns or designs. A simple pair of blue jeans with a plain white strappy top is an ideal "plain" outfit. Now lets accessorize it:

  • Belt it up
    Belts are perfect items for accessorizing. Go for a belt that either has a plain strap with an unusual buckle or one that stands out completely in colour, pattern or style.

  • Add some bling
    Find jewellery that matches your belt buckle. If your buckle is silver, then go for silver hoop earrings and silver stack bangles. If you want to wear dangling, copper gypsy earrings, ensure that these match the style and buckle of your belt.

  • Care for the hair
    There are great accessories that you can put in your hair that would look great on a plain outfit. If you've gone for the silver jewels, try adding a small, subtle silver clip in your hair, and if you've gone for the gypsy look, why not tie your hair loosely up, leaving bits hanging onto your shoulders.

  • Shoes darling
    Now that you have a plain outfit, you can really snazzy it up by wearing bold shoes. Red patent heels are so in right now and would look fabulous on this outfit.

  • Bag it
    Choose a bag that blends in. With this outfit, you can have either a white, black, denim or red belt, to match your shoes. Ensure that the buckle of you bag blends in with your jewellery and belt buckle.

  • Layering
    If you are wearing a bit of colour in your shoes, lets say for example you want to wear a pair of red shoes, you can slip a red vest underneath the white one. Ensure that the red top is slightly longer than the white, so that the bottom of the red one just sticks out.

Make sure you check, and double-check your look in the mirror. Ask your partner for his opinion and whatever you do, don't overdo it with accessories. Remember, less is more.

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