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What Are Fashion Stylists?

Completely different from a fashion designer, a fashion stylist is someone who, in essence, "styles" his or her client. This could be a celebrity, a model posing for a fashion shoot, or the average girl that needs some assistance getting her "image" perfected.

A fashion stylist it typically very trendy herself (or himself). They follow fashion and are aware of the current trends, both on and off the catwalk. They also know what works with what and have a good understanding of body shapes, sizes, colors and cuts, to help their clients make the most of their appearance.

A fashion stylist knows how to work certain pieces in different ways to give a desirable image effect. They know which colors will suit your skin tone, which styles will look best and they have the vision that can make you look five kilograms lighter, just by dressing differently. No wonder models always look perfect!

Fashion stylists work closely with other fashion industry professionals. These include designers, photographers, hair stylists and makeup artists. Fashion stylists also work with the team responsible for the setting up of photo shoots, such as the lighting technicians and set builders etc.

At the end of the day, their main function is to help their clients/subjects (or the magazine they are doing the shoot for) look flawless, polished and perfect.

Fashion stylists usually work on their own, within their own capacity and are self-employed. They are contracted to work by publications such as magazines, newspapers as well as on television shows, live events, model portfolios and advertising campaigns.

Most fashion focused magazines employ full time fashion stylists, who work on compiling fashionable pieces for the magazine and its fashion pages.

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