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Fashion Tips That Everyone Can Follow

Women come in all shapes and sizes. We all have our own challenges when it comes to finding what to wear. The good news is, whatever type of body you have, there are a couple of rules which everyone can follow to look their best!

  • One-color outfits and thinner fabrics are slimming. Dark colors are particularly slimming, but attention needs to be paid to what suits an individual's coloring, personal style and taste.

  • We know you need to keep warm during winter, but try to avoid clothing that bulks you up unevenly. This gives you a chunky appearance.

  • Wear clothing that fits. It's easy to delude ourselves that we're still that size 10, but squeezing into an outfit does not look good.

  • Baggy clothing exaggerates your figure, rather than hiding it.

  • Try not to mix and match colors too much a consistent color scheme gives the outfit a flowing, slimmer look.

  • Horizontal stripes or busy patterns tend to guide the eyes across the body, so rather go for simple patterns or vertical stripes.

  • Accessories should divert the eyes from problem areas and accentuate the great qualities you have. Make sure your accessories match your outfit though!

  • Wear medium to high heels to elongate your physique and add length rather than pounds.

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