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How You Can Be Fashionable and Stylish

Although these two words are often used to describe looking good, being fashionable and being stylish are very different. Being fashionable means you follow the fashions of the season. Being stylish, on the other hand, means you can pull off any fashionable look, whether it is in or out. Being both fashionable and stylish means you have pulled off the ultimate fashion look and you can use your clothes to do the talking, while looking fabulously polished.

So how do you become fashionable and stylish?

Research, research and more research

There are literally hundreds and thousands of resources out there to help you identify what's in fashion and what is not. Follow fashionable magazines and fashion-focused websites, even if you would never wear those clothes. You will see how they are put together, and eventually adapt them to your own style signature.

Be a copy cat

While copying is never cool, in fashion it's inevitable. Designers copy designers, and people copy other people's looks all the time. The difference between a fashionista and a copycat is that a copycat will copy a look from head to toe. A fashionista, on the other hand, will copy certain elements of a look and then put them all together to create her own fashion statement.

Find your celebrity inspiration

Celebrities are always attending high profile events and doing appearances and for them, image is everything. Most celebrities have fashion stylists who put their look together, making them look perfect.

The stylist will always consider the celeb she or he is dressing to ensure the style suits them. Find a celebrity whose dress sense you admire and start a journal of their fashion looks. You can cut out photos of their different pieces, then try to recreate the look by incorporating certain elements of that celeb's style.

Journaling the pictures will help you identify key pieces or styles that are used to put looks together. This understanding will help you identify the style secret and apply it to your own dress sense.

Follow the trends but don't do all the trends

Ultimately, what you need to do is be aware of the fashions of the season. Find out what is hot and what is not. Pick the trends that you like for that season and adapt them to your own style. Never be fashionable for fashion's sake.

And remember, being fashionable and stylish can be achieved by anyone; it just takes a little practice and the right formula.

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