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Fats That Make You Slim

Forget about dry toast and simple vegetables. Add these fats to your diet and you will get the body you want.

Coconut oil:
Most of vegetable oils including olive and cereal oils, include fatty acids that circulate in your body, and feed hungry fat cells. Coconut oil, however, is rich with fat called medium chain triglycerides, which is rarely found in other foods. In addition, your body requires extra energy to decrease this fat. And every day your body requires burning up extra 45 calories.

*How to use it
Coconut oil is often used for toasts instead of butter. But do not add it into frying fat because coconut oil is destructed at high temperatures.

Enova oil:
Traditional fats contain three fatty acids, but Enova oil has only two fatty acids; and that's why your body perceives it in another way. It is processed almost the same way as coconut oil proceeding directly to your liver where it is burned up and used for energy.

When being on low-calorie diet people consumed 15 percent of their daily calories from Enova oil (3 to 8 teaspoons), they lost one percent of their weight more and almost 3 percents of body fat cells more than those who ate a similar amount of vegetable oil.

*How to use it
Neutral taste of Enova is good for salads flavoring. You can also bake adding Enova oil but do not use it for frying; reducing Enova to high temperatures you could change the flavor and color of a dish.

Peanut oil:
The study showed that people who ate peanut oil often weigh less than those who avoided it. It seems that a combination of protein, fat and fiber satiates much faster, so you eats less.

Whole nuts have the same effect; a study found that people, who were adding peanuts to their diet during 19 weeks, increased the number of burning dormant calories at 11 percent. Why? Unsaturated fat in peanuts and nut oil is burned up more quickly than other fats.

*How to use it
Peanut oil flavors Asian noodles and sauce, also you can spread bread with peanut oil. The ideal number is 1-2 tablespoons of oil.

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