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Fiber Up Your Colon

Fiber is often the forgotten nutrient and with so many processed foods being stripped of their nutrient content to keep them lasting longer, people are unaware of how little fiber they are actually getting in.

A lack of fiber compromises digestion and the health of your colon, which intoxicates the body and leads to pollution within the body. These signs often show up on the skin, and therefore improving the health of your colon could improve the condition of your skin.

Holistic living expert and founder of Nikkel Holistic Skincare, Dana McCants offers these tips to boost your fiber intake:

  1. Ground up flaxseeds and sprinkle them onto your food. They taste great on salads, oatmeal or just about every meal.
  2. Add avocados to your eating regime, they taste great and a medium-sized avocado contains 15 grams of fiber.
  3. Eat whole grains. Instead of white rice use brown, and instead of instant oats rather eat whole grain versions.
  4. Keep high fiber snacks on hand. Eat an apple with the skin on, munch on raw nuts or dried figs and dried prunes.

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