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Gluteus Maximus Exercise: Floor Hip Extensions

Build a beautiful rear end with the floor hip extension move. While it targets, tones and defines your gluteus maximus (buttocks) muscle, it also helps with mobility in your hips.

To perform this move:

  • Kneel on the floor, supporting your body on your bent knees and elbows, hands flat on the floor.
  • As you inhale, take your right leg and extend it outwards so that it is in line with your body.
  • Keeping your leg straight and foot stable (pointing downwards), kick your foot upwards so that your leg moves past the line of your body and that your buttocks is
  • Exhale and return to the starting position.


With this move you can focus on working one side of your body at a time or working them simultaneously. To work them simultaneously, when you bring your right leg back down to the starting position (knees on the floor), take the left leg up and perform the move.

This move may also be executed with a bent leg, however using the straight leg method intensifies the workout because it puts more pressure on the gluteus maximus muscle and works your hamstring muscles (back of your thigh) to some extent.

Gluteus Maximus

A toned, rock-solid gluteus maximus stops traffic.

Author: Dimi Ingle
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