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Triceps Exercise: Seated Dumbbell Extensions

Are "jiggle arms" preventing you from wearing sleeveless tops and dresses? Time to tone your triceps. Triceps are a three-headed muscle, located at the back of your upper arm that are responsible for allowing you to straighten your elbows.

This movement focuses on developing your triceps with the focus more on your outer triceps.

To perform this move:

  • Sit on a bench, with your back straight and feet planted firmly on the floor.
  • Grasp a suitable weight dumbbell and hold it with both hands behind your neck as shown in the photo below. Your fingers should be overlapped and wrapped around the one end of the dumbbell.
  • DOWNWARD: Inhale and extend the forearm downwards, allowing the dumbbell to lower. Make sure you upper arms are stable and straight. During this movement you should not move your upper arms at all; the only movement should be in your forearms.
  • UPWARD: As you exhale, stretch your forearms upwards and back to the starting position.

TIP: During this movement you may find that your elbows want to swing outwards. Focus on keeping your upper arms stable and close to your ears throughout the movement, your elbows pointing upwards.

The ending position of a dumbbell triceps extension exercise

The ending position of a dumbbell triceps extension exercise


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