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Pamper Yourself with a Foot Massage

Foot MassageFoot massage is an excellent way to release nervous tension and improve circulation. If you can’t afford a body massage that includes your feet, why not give yourself a foot massage?

American podiatrist Dr. Zanne Levine explains how to get the best foot massage:

1.) Warm your feet in lukewarm water with some Epsom salts for 15 minutes.

2.) Sit with one leg crossed over the other, with the sole of your foot facing you. Use your thumbs as your massage tools.

3.) Move your thumbs over your sole in circular motions, digging as deep as you can.

4.) Concentrate on small areas at a time and work from the tips of your toes towards your heel.

5.) Turn your foot over and use your thumbs — but more gently — on the top of the foot. Pay particular attention to the toes, tugging each one gently.

6.) Switch feet and repeat the process. The entire massage, if you do it right, should take about 20 minutes.

Source: “Put your best foot forward,” Essentials, January 2005.

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