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What Is the Fossil Cabin Museum?

Near Medicine Bay, Wyoming, is a cabin built entirely from dinosaur bones. Thomas Boylan began collecting discarded bone fragments from a nearby paleontological dig in 1916. Seventeen years later, he had managed to amass an amazing 5,796 bones, weighing a total of 102,116 lb (46,319 kg), which he then decided to use to construct a lodge measuring 29 ft (8.8 m) long and 19 ft (5.8 m) wide in front of his house and gas station along the Lincoln Highway.

Boylan died in 1947. Operated by his widow, Grayce, the gas station continued until the 1960s, when the construction of Interstate 80 caused a fall-off in traffic on Route 30. Grayce sold the property in 1974. The cabin has since been offered for sale. One potential buyer has proposed moving the cabin to North Carolina for display.

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