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Working Out with Free Weights

The Importance of Free Weights to Your Fitness Program

Free weights

While there are no shortage of complicated and expensive exercise gadgets on the market, one of the most effective ways to exercise is also one of the simplest to use and most inexpensive to buy. Those simple to use, highly effective and inexpensive exercise helpers are known as free weights.

Free weights are an essential part of any quality workout program, and a combination of dumbbells, weight plates and barbells are essential to any well-stocked home gym.

Like all types of exercise equipment, free weights come in a number of different varieties, and of course in a wide range of prices. For instance, there are hex dumbbells, chrome dumbbells and weight benches. Weight benches can of course be used in conjunction with weight plates for a varied workout. Weight benches with a variety of different weight plates are a great way to provide yourself with continual challenges as your fitness level grows.

There are a number of accessories that can make free weights and weight benches even more useful and effective. These accessories to free weights include weight lifting gloves and a quality weight lifting belt. These accessories can help to prevent injuries, as well as providing a more comfortable workout.

For those seeking the lowest investment while still getting a quality workout, it is hard to beat the cost efficiency of free weights. One quality set of dumbbells and some extra weight plates can provide a variety of different workouts, all for a cost of between $50 and $150.

For those with more room and more money, there are weight lifting benches that can be adjusted from totally flat to inclined. In addition, most weight lifting benches also come with attachments to do leg curls and leg extensions, as well as stands which allow the exerciser to use the barbells to do bench presses.

No matter what kinds of free weights you decide to buy, the addition of weight plates can serve to increase both the variety and the intensity of any workout. Weight plates are inexpensive to buy, and they can be used with weight benches, or attached to free weights to increase the intensity of the workout. Every set of free weights should include a variety of plates in a variety of different weights.

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