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Functional Fitness: A Quick and Simple
Guide to Functional Fitness

Functional fitness seems to be the latest buzzword surrounding fitness magazines, health clubs and even personal trainers. But what exactly is functional fitness? Let me briefly break it down for you:

Functional fitness involves training movements and not necessarily muscles. For instance, a lot of training programs focus on training splits, where each muscle group is worked once a week. And, during that session, only those muscles are trained, while the other muscles are worked on alternate days.

With functional fitness on the other hand, a whole range of movements are combined within the workout. For example, functional fitness would generally steer away from the exercise machines and incorporate free weights, bosu balls, stability balls, medicine balls, bands, wheels and so on.

Functional fitness is great for getting your body to work within its range of motion and to get your muscles to work together.

Another key factor surrounding functional fitness is the combination of movements as opposed to single muscle exercises. For example, a lunge holding a medicine ball in front of you combined with an overhead press would be a good example of a functional exercise.

The great thing about functional fitness is that it is generally fun and can be done just about anywhere with little or no exercise equipment.

Take your fitness to a whole new level and
get functional with functional fitness.

Author: Dimi Ingle
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