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Wrinkle Treatments: How to Get Rid of Wrinkles

3.4) Natural Remedies

3.4.1) Drink Plenty of Water:

One of the best natural remedies to soften wrinkles on the face is to drink plenty of water. It is the least costly yet most effective thing a person can do to improve the skin.

3.4.2) Eat Healthily:

A diet with plenty of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and the use of healthy oils (such as olive oil) may protect against oxidative stress in the skin. In fact, a 2001 study reported that people over 70 years old had fewer wrinkles if they ate such foods. Diet played a role in improving skin regardless of whether the people in the study smoked or lived in sunny countries. Benefits from these foods may be due to high levels of antioxidants found in them.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone, author of The Wrinkle Cure, published in 2001, suggests a diet and products that can allegedly slow, or even reverse, the visible aging process. Some of his most notable recommendations are a diet high in salmon (primarily for its omega-3 fatty acids), supplementation of alpha lipoic acid, and topical application of vitamin C ester and DMAE.

3.4.3) Facial Massages:

Regular facial massages help to keep elasticity in the skin and keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay. Massage does this by relaxing the muscles and by stimulating the blood vessels under the skin.

3.4.4) Avocados:


This is a great way to give your skin a quick pick-me-up. Simply spread some avocado slices or pulp across the face, particularly on any very dry parts. The oil within the fruit should activate increased oil production within the skin, giving you a softer, younger look.

Other natural remedies that are also considered to help reduce wrinkles include grapes, cucumber, guava and ivy gourd (a hard, fleshy fruit related to marrows and cucumbers).

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