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Good Sugars

When people talk about sugar, they generally mean refined table sugar, or sucrose. You and I know that sucrose is harmful to our health. Diabetes, lowered immunity, obesity, fatigue, hypersensitivity, headaches and allergies are modern epidemics that have been directly or indirectly linked to sugar consumption.

But sugars are present in nature, too, for example the fructose, or fruit sugar, in fruit and the lactose, or milk sugar, in milk. These natural sugars are better for us than refined sugar. Fruit sugars don’t cause such a rapid blood-sugar ‘spike’, because the fiber in the fruit means it takes longer for the body to break down and release the calories. The sugar in fruit also come packaged with vitamins, minerals and health giving phytochemicals (plant chemicals).

All this makes fruit an ideal way of satisfying a sweet tooth!

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