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Hair Coloring: Tips if You're Going for Blonde

It's no secret that blondes have more fun. Although brunettes are beautiful too, blonde hair stands out more and therefore gets you noticed.

If you've never gone blonde before, but are dye-ing to try it out, here are some tips to help you on your way to blonde, beautiful hair.

Know the score

Before you go over to the light side, it is important to realize that changing your hair color from dark to blonde will involve the use of chemicals that contain bleach and other harmful substances. For this reason it is vitally important to care for your new blonde locks by doing an intense color treatment straight after your color and continue to use hair repairing shampoos, conditioners and masques afterwards too.

Choosing your color

Now that that's out of the way, make sure you know what color you want. Try on different wigs until you find a shade of blonde you like. That platinum blonde shade may look stunning on Gwen Stefani, but may not be quite the same on you.

Be patient

If your hair is dark, and you are going light, be prepared to allow this process to gradually happen. It is better to highlight your hair in multiple treatments to achieve your desired shade rather than to just bleach the whole head at once. Bleaching damages your hair, therefore it makes more sense to change your color slowly, which will help you avoid damaging.

Don't expect miracles

If you hair is very dark, and you've decided to go platinum blonde, don't expect the outcome to be as you imagined. Many hair dressers will tell you that the optimal shade to go is two to three shades lighter than your natural hair color. While you could go platinum, it will be very difficult to maintain, because as soon as your hair starts growing you will get those unsightly dark roots.

Go for highlights

As mentioned above, it's better to highlight your hair gradually than to do a full head of color at once. The nice thing about highlights is that you can opt for two, or even three different shades to give your hair a nice, textured effect.

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