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Five Easy Ways to Style Your Hair

Imagine you could have stylish hair that looks different every day. Apart from having a wig or hairstylist on call twenty-four seven, this may seem like an impossible task. The good news is you can achieve at least five different looks with your current hairstyle. All it takes is a bit of practice and some imagination. Forget believing that only super long hair can be styled; medium and even shoulder length hair can also be styled, and here's how:

If it's straight, curl it and likewise, if it's curly blow dry or flat iron it straight. Changing it from straight to curly and vice versa allows you to set the basis for your new style. Try soft, loose curls with a curling iron, or add volume and body with larger curls, set with curlers. Try blow-drying your hair in different directions; blow-dry it inwards or let it flick outwards. If you have bangs, try blow-drying them in different directions for a more feathered look.

Change the position of your parting. If you hair is always parted down the middle or to one side, try a new position. You may need to secure it with a Bobby pin that matches your hair color to keep it in place. Try to conceal the pin by tucking it under your hair. You can also further secure your style with a bit of hairspray.

Change the effect of your fringe or bangs. If you have a fringe try pinning it back to expose your forehead. If you have bangs, try blow-drying and setting them differently to how you normally do. This will change your look instantly. If you don't have a fringe or bangs, add some height to your hair. Take an inch of hair from the top of your head, near the face, twist and clip. You can even push the bubble forward to make it higher.

Clip and pin it up. This may seem obvious, but there are many ways you can clip your hair. Explore all the options and see which ones you like. You can pin your hair on both sides, pin it to one side, pin it back or pin it around the head like an Alice band.

Tie it up. There are also many ways to tie your hair up. Try tying your hair in different positions, from high to low ponytails. Twist it in a bun. Tie it tightly or let it hang loose. Try a French plait or a section of braids. You can even pin and tie your hair in different styles; the options are endless.

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