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Handbag Necessities: What to Carry
in Your Handbag

Besides making an outfit, what you carry in your bag is important too. Don't clutter your bag with unnecessary bits and bobs anymore.

Let's face it; all women have their favorite, favorite handbag. In fact, some have a bit more than one handbag that they absolutely love. A good handbag is an investment and it can often make or break your entire look.

Apart from the obvious style factor, a handbag also carries a lot of absolute necessities. This quick and easy list will guide you as to what your handbag should hold, making it a style accessory with a purpose.

  • A compact or mirror: This is a very handy little tool to have to check your makeup, hair, lipstick and so on. Look out for a nice, small compact mirror and keep it in your bag. I can almost guarantee that at some time or other, you will need it.

  • Lipstick: Not only for touching up those lips, a lipstick can also double as an emergency pen for when Mr. Right gives you his telephone number or when you need to jot down the name of that designer handbag shop that just so happens to be having a sale.

  • Hair clips or an elastic band: For when your hair is driving you mad or when you need to clip a few items together. Bobby pins work as a great alternative to a paper clip too.

  • Perfume: Many cosmetics houses have miniature samples of your favorite perfume. Don't use these as your everyday perfumes; rather slot them into your handbag for when you need an emergency spritz of fragrance without carrying the whole 100 ml bottle.

  • A miniature torch: If you can find one of these, buy it and keep it in your handbag. It can come in handy at any given time.

  • A note pad and pen: Many stationery shops have great miniature pen and pads that would fit perfectly into even the smallest handbag.

  • Tissues: Always keep these in your bag. Look out for the small pocket-sized packs or even glam it up with a cute little tissue holder that is available at accessory shops.

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