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Handbags: How to Choose a Handbag

Handbags are not just for carrying your most must-have items; they are huge players in the fashion game and can make or break your outfit.

When putting a look together, your handbag is key: the look, the style, the color and the type of handbag all matter. Think of it as your very own arm candy. Choosing the right bag means finding one that compliments your outfit, not one that just fades away.

Just like a great pair of jeans, your choice of handbag needs to fit your body type. If you're more voluptuous, a slouchy oversized bag may make you appear rounder, whereas if you are tall and skinny a long rectangular bag may make you look even taller and narrower.

The key, according to fashion experts, is to choose a bag that is the opposite of your body shape. You also need to ensure that your handbag is in proportion to your body. The last thing you want is a handbag that appears lost or overpowering.

There is an old saying that your handbag, shoes and belt all need to be the same color. This is a falsity; they don't have to be identical. The main thing is to have items that match the overall look. Put it all together and have a look in the mirror; if it looks out of place, chances are it is. The most important thing is to ensure your look blends in together. Don't go for a mixed up style that's all over the place. Keep it clean, simple and sexy.

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