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Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Do you feel sluggish, have mental fog and feel tired all the time? Is your metabolism slow and your body hanging onto those extra pounds? Do you have dry skin, wrinkles, eczema or scaly patches? Coconut oil, once shunned along with other saturated fats, is now back in the spotlight. For decades it has been condemned in favor of polyunsaturated fats, trans fats, and refined carbohydrates. But now, new research has revealed that it's actually saturated fats, like coconut oil, that are essential to our health. Here are 3 benefits of adding it to your diet:

Regulates Thyroid- If you feel sluggish or tired and have that mental fog hanging over you, your thyroid needs nourishment. If you also add cod liver oil to your diet you enhance the benefits of coconut oil for your thyroid. The vitamin A in it and the fat work together to nourish the thyroid gland so it can function properly.

Regulate Metabolism- If want to shed those extra pounds, add coconut oil to your diet to rev up your metabolism. Dieting triggers a starvation response in your body, so when it senses there will be less food available, it holds onto those fat reserves. When there is adequate healthy fat in the diet, the body senses that food is abundant and will release the stored fat.

Restores Vitality to Your Skin- Dry skin, scaly patches and eczema are caused by a lack of vitamin A, D and essential fats in the diet. Cells are made up of saturated fat and need this fat to function properly. Take coconut oil with cod liver oil, which is vitamin A and D rich. This provides the right fatty acids for the cell membranes and makes the skin smooth and supple.

Use only unrefined extra virgin coconut oil and take 1-2 Tbs before each meal. Adding 1 tsp of quality cod liver oil to your diet every morning will increase these benefits as the vitamins A and D work synergistically with the fat.

2009 Shanna Ohmes
Shanna Ohmes is an avid learner of nutrition, herbal and naturalist studies. She also writes a free weekly newsletter on everything related to natural living. Subscribe to The Natural Living Site Newsletter at http://thenaturallivingsite.com

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