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Health Benefits of Drinking Fresh Juice

Fresh juice is a wholly different thing than processed juice. The health benefits of fresh juice are just utterly amazing when compared to really any other form of drink. We will take a brief look at some of them here.

The first benefit of fresh juice is that it contains such a high degree of the nutrients and vitamins that are so absolutely good for us as humans. It invigorates the body and the juice immediately begins to do its healing and energizing work on your body.

Another benefit is that you can combine so many different types of fruit and even vegetables in your drink in order to catch nutrients that are present in this or that one. So, with one fell swoop you can attack the sickness in your body on many different fronts. My husband frequently makes juice that contains carrots, celery, sweet potatoes, and kale all in one glass. These vegetables are so good for you, but it would be hard to sit down and eat a whole plate of these. It's no trouble to drink them though; the sweetness of the carrot juice makes the whole concoction delicious.

Another health benefit of drinking fresh juice is that you can get a lot more vitamins into you at one time. It is a lot easier to drink five oranges than it is to eat five oranges. The juice goes down faster and you don't have to chew it. Your body doesn't even have to expend energy breaking it up, because that has already been done by a mixer.

And while it's not technically a health benefit I'd be remiss to not mention how delicious fresh fruit juices are when they are made with a juicer. My family has a tradition of drinking fresh squeezed orange juice with our breakfast on Christmas morning. This past year, my husband juiced the oranges in our new juicer and we quickly learned that we had never really tasted orange juice before. The juice was so light and creamy; it was really like drinking dessert.

Studies have shown that a regular diet of fresh juice helps to prevent cancer, heart disease, and other ailments from occurring. It is really amazing that such a simple thing as natural juice can have such a powerful effect on a complex system like the human body. And why wouldn't you drink it, when it can taste so good. Isn't that the most important part of eating.

Frances Somerset teaches and blogs about health living and the cooking skills you need to eat healthfully. To read about her juicing experiments with Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer visit http://www.powerjuicertrial.com

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