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Healthy Smoothie Recipe


How to Make a Smoothie
Smoothies are fast becoming the most desirable health drink on the market. All over health kiosks and trendy restaurants, waiter trays are flooded with bright, bold smoothies, oozing with flavor and appeal. These delicious drinks are packed with fresh goodness and taste like heaven. Not only are they kind to your taste buds, but also a big bonus to your hard-earned figure. Read more…

Six Smoothie Recipes for Constipation and Acne Relief
I recommend drinking a morning smoothie if you have constipation or if you have skin problems like acne. Drinking a high fiber smoothie relieves and prevents constipation. It will also provide the nutrients that are necessary for having or keeping a nice clean and smooth skin. Read more…

Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes
It's summer time and the heat is on. One favorite choice of most people for beating the heat is to get a smoothie. But for people trying to lose weight and not miss out, are there any healthy options? Yes. You can make your own smoothies. Read more…

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