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The Healing Power of Bilberry


The bilberry is one of the most powerful of all foods, and this member of the blueberry family has shown great promise at treating and preventing a number of serious medical conditions.

The bilberry bush grows wild throughout the forests and meadows of many parts of Europe and western Asia, and also in the Rocky mountain regions of North America. The bilberry is closely related to the blueberry, cranberry and the huckleberry, and it shares the health benefits of those related fruits.

In addition, however, the leaves of the bilberry bush are thought to have their own unique healing properties. One of the most important benefits of bilberry consumption is the ability to enhance the vision. As far back as World War II, fighter pilots would consume bilberries to improve their night vision, and bilberry is thought to have a significant role to play in the prevention of many common eye diseases as well.

In addition to its role in protecting and enhancing vision, bilberry was often used as a treatment for diarrhea. From the sixteenth century to today, bilberry was often combined with honey to make a syrupy mixture known as rob. This syrup has been used to treat diarrhea and other common stomach problems for centuries.

The bilberry plant is also thought to play a role in keeping blood vessels healthy. The compounds contained in the bilberry, notably the anthocyanosides, have been shown to help fortify blood vessel walls, thereby aiding circulation and increasing blood flow.

In addition to these important benefits, bilberry is quite an effective treatment for sore throats. Traditionally, the sore throat sufferer will either drink or gargle with a tea made of dried bilberries.

With all these important health benefits, it is easy to see why the bilberry is enjoying such a surge of popularity. Whether taken as a supplement or enjoyed as a delicious fruit, there is much to love in the bilberry.

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