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Khella Herb Relieves Cramps

Khella (Ammi visnaga) is one of the oldest of all known medicinal herbs, and is a leading remedy for all forms of cramp, whether they develop in the respiratory passages, the heart vessels, the bladder, the kidneys, or wherever, says Rolf Stühmer in his book The Big Book of Health.

“The use of this plant can work particular wonders for asthma sufferers. The cramp relieving effect of khella is long-lasting and often ensures a peaceful, attack free night’s sleep for asthma sufferers,” says Stühmer.

The plant is available in various forms, as an extract or tablets as well as fresh stalks.

CAUTIONS: Khella contains compounds which heighten the skin's sensitivity to sunlight. Take extreme care with sun exposure while using any form of this herb. Avoid if taking blood-thinning medications and during pregnancy and lactation.

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