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Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Everyone loves a good home remedy. They usually save money, are easy to use and have a feel-good factor because there is no doctor or pharmacist involved. From home remedies to cure bad breath to "grandma cures" for smelly feet, someone somewhere will have a clever idea to cure what ails you.

Chronic bad breath home remedies are plentiful, with suggestions involving everything from drinking water laced with mint leaves and lemon juice to scraping the tongue twice a day. As long as the supposed cure is not dangerous and doesn't involve untested substances, they're worth a try, especially if the halitosis problem is particularly worrisome.

Herbal remedies

Chewing on parsley or mint leaves may not be everyone's idea of a delicious treat, but many swear by it as a way of eradicating foul odors from the mouth, especially following odiferous foods such as garlic or dairy. Some herbal teas can help freshen the mouth as well as helping to hydrate the body (contrary to the dehydrating effect that regular tea has).

A drop or two of peppermint oil on or under the tongue can work wonders to help cure bad breath. Clove oil can work too but to some people, it tastes unpleasant and can be reminiscent of the dentist's surgery.

Try also chewing sunflower seeds and following with a good swish to rinse and drink a big glass of water. Eat yogurt daily that contains acidophilus and bifidus for good gut cleansing.

Physical fixes

Tongue scraping is becoming a very popular and quick home remedy for bad breath. It's a simple matter of scraping the coating off the tongue and thereby eliminating the hiding places for the multitude of bacteria that thrive there. There are special tongue scrapers available in pharmacies, or you can simply use a spoon that you reserve for the task. Whatever you use, keep it clean and, unless stainless steel, replace it regularly.

Water, water, water

Keeping your body adequately hydrated is an essential part of keeping bad breath under control. The drier your mouth is, the smellier it potentially is. You may notice this after doing strenuous exercise or if you're really thirsty. Drink water all day long.

Keep your toothbrush handy

One toothbrush at home and one at work is the ideal solution for maintaining a fresh mouth. It may be called a 'home remedy' for bad breath, but everyone knows that if you keep your mouth and teeth clean, there is less chance for bacteria to thrive. While you're at it, keep a purse sized pack of dental floss with you and before leaving a restaurant or entering a meeting, do a quick floss and swish in the bathroom.

Remember, all the home remedies in the world will not help if there is something underlying that is causing your halitosis. See your doctor or dentist if you feel you need further advice.

About The Author:
Christian Hanson has published numerous articles on halitosis. Visit http://www.badbreathfear.com.

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