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Making Your Hospital Stay a Little More
Pleasant Is Possible

Hospitals are certainly not enjoyable places to hang out and letís be honest, nobody really wants to be there in the first place. But sometimes, unfortunately, you just donít have a choice in the matter and whether you like it or not, youíll have to trade in your fuzzy pjís and comfy bed for scrubs and a hospital bed.

Research has shown that patients who get involved in decisions about their healthcare are more likely to leave the hospital sooner as they get better quicker. To make your hospital experience a bit more positive, Dr. Judith Black, a medical director for Highmark Senior Markets offers these top tips:

  • Understand the procedures that are being performed on you.
  • Identify yourself often. Give your name and show your wristband to all staff members.
  • Help prevent infections by washing your hands frequently.
  • Eat right and drink plenty of fluids.
  • Help prevent medication errors by keeping the list of your medications handy.
  • Ask for help if needed.
  • Keep active.
  • Listen to your body and let your doctor and nurse know how you feel.
  • Follow your health care professional's advice about resuming your usual schedule of activities.
  • Express yourself if something doesn't feel right.

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