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How Do You Cook Fresh Fish
in the Wilderness?

Heading out into the wilderness doesn't have to mean you're condemned to eating nothing but granola and cold cheese. Follow these steps to cook fresh fish:

Step 1: Make a tripod by splaying out three sticks bound together at the top. Tie three green sticks, which are slow to char, onto the outside of the tripod and lay on cross-pieces to form a grill.

Step 2: Cut out a section of turf, dig a trench, and make a teepee fire.

Step 3: Allow the burning teepee to collapse, and keep adding fuel until you have a bed of hot embers deep enough to sustain a good cooking temperature, but not so hot that it could burn the tripod.

Step 4: Test the cooking temperature with the back of your hand. If it is not too hot, place the tripod over the embers with the gutted fish on the centre of the grill.

Step 5: Allow the fish to cook, keeping the grill well above the embers to prevent the fish from burning. Turn the fish at least once.

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