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How to Wear Belts

Belts are a great way to update your wardrobe with the season's latest trends. Certain belts can also be worked in different ways to help you get more looks from a single item. You can have a very simple, clean-cut outfit that could be instantly jazzed up and transformed with only the addition of a belt.

Traditionally, belts are used to hold up your pants, but as fashion pieces they can be worn as functional belts with personality, or they can be used to add a bit of detailed style to dresses, jerseys, pants and even tops and dresses. Instead of hiding underneath your tops, belts should come out and take center stage.

Bulky, shapeless dresses can be instantly transformed into tailored and sexy pieces with only the addition of a belt. Use a skinny belt or a wide belt to cinch your dress in at the waist. This will give your outfit some structure, give your outfit a fashionable look and make you look inches smaller.

Do a skinny belt

The skinny belt is great for slimmer girls who want to add a subtle statement of style to their look. Wear it as a high-waisted belt over a button-up, collared shirt or even over a simple v-neck sweater.

Wear it over a long cardigan and simple, girly tee. Without buttoning up the cardigan, wrap the belt around your waist for an instant, updated and very current look.

Do a chain belt

Chain belts are hot accessories, especially for nighttime dressing when you really want to glam up your look.

Wear it with a high-waisted skirt or slung low down on an all black silhouette. Simple black catsuits can also look really sexy with a chain belt and even jump suits, short or long can be transformed into nighttime glam pieces with only a chain belt. Be sure to match the color to your earrings and bangles, etc.

Do a thick waisted belt

These trendy belts can be worn over jumper dresses or worn over a jumper jersey and tights to cinch the waist in and give you some structure.

Wear it at the waist with a simple black outfit. Thick waisted belts can transform any simple outfit into a trendy, fashionable piece. Thick belts worn over button-up, collared shirts and skirts look great too. Even a simple, white shirt with jeans and a trend belt looks great.

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