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Humans Do Amazing and Stupid Things

* Larry Lewis ran the 100 yard dash in 17.8 seconds in 1969. The amazing thing about the race was that Larry won in the class for 100 years and older. He was 101.

* Jackson, Mississippi police were dumbfounded in 1972, when they stopped a car for driving erratically. When they asked the driver for his driverís license and registration, they discovered he was blind. The man in the passenger seat told them that he got the blind man to drive because he was too drunk.

House Burning

* In 1963, Mrs. Agnes Matlockís home caught fire in New Hyde Park, New York. She lost everything when her house burned to the ground. Mrs. Matlock sued two fire departments after the fire. Why? Because while her house burned, the two fire captains were arguing over which department had jurisdiction in the area.

* James Law and six of his teen friends rode all 227 miles of the New York Subway System in 1967. It took them 22 hours 11Ĺ minutes to complete the journey.

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