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The Benefits of Inositol


Inositol is often called the cell protecting vitamin, and for good reason. This vital element is vital to the health of the cells, and high concentrations of inositol are found in the tissues of the heart and in the lens of the eye.

Inositol has an important role to play in the maintenance of cell membranes as well, especially those cells in the eye, brain, bone marrow and intestines. This cell protecting affect of inositol make it a great supplement for those seeking to increase their level of health and fitness.

Dietary Sources of Inositol:

Some foods rich in inositol include liver, brown rice, bananas, nuts and raisins.

Recommended Daily Intake of Inositol:

No daily recommended dose of inositol has been established.

Inositol Supplements:

Most inositol supplements have a strength of 100mg. Inositol combines well with vitamin E, vitamin B9, vitamin C and choline.

Side Effects and Toxicity of Inositol:

There are no known side effects of inositol.

Symptoms of Inositol Deficiency:

Symptoms of an inositol deficiency can include high levels of cholesterol, constipation, eye problems and eczema.

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