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Ireland Travel Information

* There is a very low crime rate in The Republic of Ireland, but donít become careless. You should still use normal precautions for protecting yourself and your possessions.

* In order to reach the police (Garda) dial 999. Police in Ireland wear blue uniforms and carry guns. Fire and ambulance is also reached by dialing 999.

* Do not ask where to find a drugstore. Instead, ask where to find a chemist shop.

* Irelandís yellow pages are called Golden Pages.

* Irelandís electrical system runs on 220 or 250 volts. To use items that are 110 volts, you will need an adapter and transformer.

Landscape in Inishmore, Aran Island, Ireland

* Gaining Internet access in Ireland is easy. You can find terminals in libraries, shopping malls and most hotels.

* Irelandís drinking laws are very strict. Age of majority is 18 and donít even consider drinking and driving.

* From April to October, Ireland is on BST (British Standard Time.) From November to March, they use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time.) When itís 12 pm in New York City, itís 5 pm in Ireland; five hours difference.

* Irelandís tap water is safe for visitors to drink. Bottled water can be purchased at a wide range of locations.

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