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Jewelry: What The Colors of
Gemstones Portray

Emerald Jewelry allows people to extend a bit of their personality and inherent traits to a visible level. While what we wear does not say everything about us, it does, indeed, say something. The colors that we wear reveal intimate details about us and about our desires and needs.

Throughout the centuries, people have come to believe that colored gemstones have magical powers that transform our energies when we wear them. A kaleidoscope of colors with myriad symbolisms gives vibrant expression to our inner psyches.

While the vibrancy of the color may intensify its symbolism, it does not transform it totally. We can explore the meaning of colors in several ways — what they symbolize, the properties they have, the mood they reflect, and the energy they transmit.

Red, the warmest color, has intensity unrivaled by any of the other colors. It symbolizes vitality and confidence. The vitality of red is often portrayed by a willingness to take action. The confidence red reflects is seen as courage and the ability to take action without fear of reprisal. Red gemstones provide strength and an increased level of energy and confidence.

Blue, cool and pleasant, symbolizes a spirituality that transcends to peace and truth. This color has a calming effect that inspires sincerity. Blue gemstones offer relaxation and a peaceful mood to those who use them.

Yellow, bright and sunny, symbolizes happiness and joy. This color, easy on the eyes, is full of creativity, wisdom, and energy — all things that lend themselves to happiness. Yellow gemstones provide relief from depression and the lack of energy that comes with it.

Purple and violet, varying shades, symbolize inspiration, imagination, and magic. This color lends itself to good judgment and meditation. Violet gemstones heighten a sense of the magical and sharpen the imagination.

Indigo symbolizes a deep sense of intuition and penetrating meditation. Self-reflective in nature, indigo reflects a deep sense of contemplation. Indigo gemstones provide a gateway to the subconscious and are used as a pathway to cosmic learning.

Orange, sister to red, symbolizes a vitality and endurance that is coupled with creativity and playfulness. Dynamic in nature, orange acts as a catalyst to change. Orange gemstones promote self-esteem and personal power through increased alertness and creativity.

Brown, an earthy color, symbolizes order and convention. It reflects the comfort that resonates from having a totally ordered world, one in which everything has a place. Brown gemstones provide a stabilizing force and the ability to blend in with natural surroundings.

Black, in essence, the color that contains all colors, symbolizes stability and even death. In the world of fashion, however, it has come to symbolize elegance. Black gemstones symbolize resilience and the power to hold steady.

White, color of purity, symbolizes truth and all that it reflects. White is reflective of innocence and untold kindness. Good fortune follows the wearer of white gemstones.

Gray symbolizes security and neutrality, the qualities that reflect sensibility and responsibility. Gray gemstones offer the ability to improve relationships and create a sense of stability.

Green, long associated with new life, symbolizes well-being, reflected in its restful nature. Fertility and life also find meaning in this color of new growth. Green gemstones attract wealth and promote positive growth.

Pink, pastel or bright and bold, reflects love and beauty. Pink has a world-wide acceptance as the color of beauty; and all things beautiful can be symbolized by this delicate shade. Pink gemstones can offer protection from aggression and permeate a sense of calm.

Gold, a positive color, symbolizes prosperity. The prosperity is reflected in good health, the success of wealth, and an innate supply of wisdom. Wearing gold promotes and reinforces a feeling of good health.

Wearing jewelry has an uplifting effect upon the spirit, the heart, and the soul. The aura surrounding gemstones may be influential in promoting health, wealth, or growth. Select your gemstones wisely and wear them in glamorous fashion.

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