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Tips for Long Lasting Makeup

If you're a working girl, you know that having a flawless face throughout the day is important, but it is sometimes also impossible. Here are a few tips, straight from the beauty experts, that will help you keep your makeup made up for longer.

So what is the secret, you ask? The secret to long-lasting makeup lies in the clever application of layers. These layering techniques can be used not only on your face, but on your eyes and lips as well, and will keep your makeup going all day long.

The face
Start off by applying concealer to problem areas; do this by dabbing it in with a makeup brush or sponge. Next, add your foundation, applying it evenly thoughout the face and paying special attention to your T-Zone. Secure the foundation by lightly brushing a loose powder over your face and blending it in.

Finish off your face by adding a light blusher. Start by dotting and then blending a natural shade of cream or beige blusher, depending on your skin tone, and follow this by applying a shade of blusher that is slightly brighter than the natural shade.

The eyes
Before applying your desired eye makeup, ensure you have foundation spread on the eyelids. This will allow you to have a base point and will better absorb the eye makeup. Begin with the eye shadow, followed by two layers of eyeliner, which should be applied in two phases.

Go for a waterproof mascara that will have a longer lasting effect. Always apply your mascara a few minutes after you have set your eye makeup to avoid watery eyes.

The lips
When adding foundation to your face, you can go over the lip line, which will allow you to apply lip liner with ease. Using a light stroking motion, line the outlines of the lips using small dotting movements. Apply the desired shade of lipstick and finish it off with a layer of lip-gloss. Only apply lip-gloss to the center of the lids, top and bottom, and avoid applying on the outer corners of the lips.

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