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Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Everyone is searching for ways to lose weight and become healthier. Fortunately there is one proven way, and it is to eat healthy. Below see 10 helpful hints.

1. Eat grains such as high fiber cereal, oatmeal, grits, etc. It is important to have a high fiber diet to keep the body cleansing regularly. Also these carbohydrates start up your calorie burning machine. This is why fiber cereals are recommended for breakfast in most healthy eating plans.

2. Eat dark green leafy vegetables daily; such as; spinach, romaine lettuce, dark cabbage, kale and other greens. Dark vegetables are high in fiber and have many nutrients and vitamins that are needed for the body to function at a healthy level, and they are low in calories. Because dark vegetables consist of a large percent of water you can indulge and still loose weight.

3. Eat at least 4 times each day, five when trying to loose weight. By eating often you won't have the opportunity to get hungry and overeat. Secondly smaller meals are easier for the body to digest, burn off fat and unwanted calories. Because of how our bodies are designed if you do not feed your body it will go into survival mode and hang onto extra weight versus releasing it.

4. Use portion control to loose weight. Never overeat. Put the appropriate portion of food on your plate. You have to know your portions, for example; steak or chicken should only be 4-5oz., most cooked carbs only 1/2 cup, fresh green vegetable because they consist of a high percent of water you can have 1 cup or more.

5. Read labels. They contain valuable information, such as; how many grams of sugar, sodium, carbs, calories, how much equals 1 serving, etc. Labels are your best friend. If you don't understand them it will be hard to loose weight.

6. Eat breakfast everyday. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When a healthy breakfast is eaten it begins the calorie burning machine for the day. Whole grain and oatmeal is highly recommended because it gets the metabolism working.

7. Eat Fresh fruit but, be selective on fruits eaten. Some fruits such as ripen bananas are extremely high in sugar and may be a detriment to your goals, but fruits like blue berries have antioxidants and help build your immune system and are low in calories.

8. Write down everything eaten, keep a journal. It is important to record everything that you eat. It allows you to see exactly what you are putting in your mouth all day long. It gives you better insight on why you may not be loosing weight. You must record everything that you eat, what time and how much eaten.

9. Don't snack while watching TV. When you eat in front of the TV there maybe very little connection on how much your mouth is taking in. This leads to overeating.

10. Don't eat empty calories. If you want to loose weight, make every calorie count. Some foods have great value, while others taste good but have no nutritional value and lots of calories. Know the difference.

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